Carbon Zero Certified, Sustainable Accommodation

We are a Carbon Zero certified company and are committed to carbon zero and sustainable accommodation as a way forward for the Foxton Beach Holiday Park.

Carbon Zero certification is awarded to companies that are measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint, and we are using our certification to ensure that everything we do as an organisation minimises our impact on the climate.

To achieve Carbon Zero certification, we measured our organisation's full greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (also known as a carbon footprint) so we understand what our impact is on the global climate. We measure all operational emissions required under the international standard for carbon footprints, ISO 14064, including vehicles, business travel, fuel and electricity, paper, and waste.

The emissions are measured annually and the inventory is independently verified to ensure it is accurate and complete. Once we measured our footprint, we developed plans to manage and reduce our emissions continually. Each year we offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of verified carbon credits to achieve net zero emissions.

As part of achieving Carbon Zero certification, we need to achieve emissions reductions on a five year cycle.